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Poribesh Protection Limited provide Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP),Initial Environmental Examination (IEE),Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), Sound /Noise Level, Light Level, Temperature & Humidity Level, Stack Air Emission, Ambient, Indoor, Outdoor Air Quality, Carbon Foot Printing (CFP), Green House Gas (GHG),site assessment, system inspection, shipment inspection services for the clients.


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Ambient Air Quality Test

Ambient air means surrounding air. Air quality in adjacent industrial areas is worsening day by day. Basically effects from the manmade occurrence along with some natural calamities are causing this condition of air quality. As a process of development, activities like burning fuel, industrial production process, construction work, transportation facility are causing this damage to air quality. Though still the air quality of the rural area of Bangladesh still comparatively good, but expanding industrial areas in rural areas will not let this situation to stay long. It is assumed that accepting the small areas near the urban growth center air quality in the most of the area would be far below the Environmental Quality Standards of Bangladesh.
Ambient air quality is being affected due to emission of flue gases from the generators, boiler and other stacks. Diesel, gasses burning from the operation of generators, boliers is affecting the air quality. The situation becomes aggravated when LP gas, diesel contains high percentage of impurities like sulfur, hydrocarbon, nitrogen etc.

Benefits of Environmental Assessments :
01. To improved project performance
02. To increased customer acceptance
03. To fulfill regulatory or customer requirements
04. To reduce cost and time of project implementation
05. To lead cost-saving modifications in project design
06. To avoid treatment/clean up costs
07. To avoid impacts and violations of laws and regulations
08. To improve human health
09. To maintain the biodiversity
10. To decrease resource use & To healthier local environment
11. To reduce conflicts over natural resource use
12. To increase community skills, knowledge and pride

Why Choose Poribesh Protection Limited?
01. Highest priority to customers
02. Latest technology equipment
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04. Highest cooperation
05. Qualified and experienced personnel
06. Integrated services & timely reporting

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