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Inspection Services

GlobCertify provide Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP),Initial Environmental Examination (IEE),Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), Sound /Noise Level, Light Level, Temperature & Humidity Level, Stack Air Emission, Ambient, Indoor, Outdoor Air Quality, Carbon Foot Printing (CFP), Green House Gas (GHG),site assessment, system inspection, shipment inspection services for the clients.

Inspection Services

GlobCertify provide following Inspection Services,

Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)

Identification of impacts was done using Checklists method. All the relevant social and environmental risks and potential impacts have been taken due care of as part of the assessment in compliance of the Performance Standards set by the International Finance Corporation and also that of the Safeguard Standard of the Asian Development Bank besides following the guidelines set forth by DOE.
Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) which include mainly Project Background, Objectives of IEE Study, Relevant National Policies and Legislation, Environmental Clearance Procedure in Bangladesh, Description of the Project, Project Flow Chart, Raw Materials, Baseline Existing Environment, Study Area, Physical Condition, Hydrology, Water Quality, Air Quality, Identification of Potential Significant, Impacts, Evaluation of Potential Impacts &Mitigation Measures, Adverse Impacts and Mitigation, Impact at Pre –Construction Phase, Impact During Construction Phase, Impact during Operation Stage, Anticipated positive impacts of the proposed Project, Environmental Management Plan Outline, Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan, Disaster Management Plan, Site Alternatives, Conclusion And Recommendation.

Benefits of Environmental Management Plan:
01. To improved project performance
02. To increased customer acceptance
03. To fulfill regulatory or customer requirements
04. To reduce cost and time of project implementation
05. To lead cost-saving modifications in project design
06. To avoid treatment/clean up costs
07. To avoid impacts and violations of laws and regulations
08. To improve human health
09. To maintain the biodiversity
10. To decrease resource use & To healthier local environment
11. To reduce conflicts over natural resource use
12. To increase community skills, knowledge and pride

Why Choose GlobCertify?
01. Highest priority to customers
02. Latest technology equipment
03. Pioneer in inspection
04. Highest cooperation
05. Qualified and experienced personnel
06. Integrated services & timely reporting

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